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Company Effe.Bi

Wrought iron in Florence since 1930

Effe.Bi is a Florentine artisan company specialized in the production of artistic wrought iron objects for Lighting, interior and outdoor Décor, and for Home décor.


The company was born in the first part of the XX century as a blacksmith workshop specialized in the creation of small daily objects in addition to horseshoeing, fundamental activity at those times, and was inserted in the artisan texture that still today is one of the most fascinating aspect of the city of Florence.

In the heart of the city in fact antique workshops of skilled craftsmen continue with the help of new generations the art of making unique products, heirs in a certain way of those masterpieces that made the city famous during the Renaissance.

The company had its first growth after WW2, when Carlo Mangini “the heir designated” to pass ahead the art of the family, tried to get possesion of the tricks of the trade in a city that was trying to restart after the war devastations.

Almost trying to add value to the contrast between new and old, between destruction and ruins and the ability of creating beauty, a real forge of craftsmen developped in a handful of streets and signed the creative history of Florence up to nowadays. It is in fact in Borgo S. Jacopo, close to Ponte Vecchio, that Carlo Mangini will elaborate with his own taste a contact with our noble Master artisans that were ready to hand over the baton to the new generations. In this New Florentine Renaissance the most famous engravers, decorators and smiths will learn the trade, becoming real Masters that will give their contribution with their intuitions to the rebirth of Florence in the world of Art.

Today Effe.Bi Ferro Battuto Artistico srl is guided thanks to the collaboration of the son Cristiano Mangini; it is a company specialised in the creation of Lighting and Home Decor of excellence, Tables, Chairs, Bedheads, Mirrors and Console tables in wrought iron, as well as original and valued items for outdoor.

With its selection of 2500 items, the company is a unique example in Italy for its ability or realising customised projects according to the client’s needs, and has become a reference point for all those who want to furnish any type of setting with taste and originality.

Effe.Bi now takes part to the most important international expositions of the sector, with the idea of a Made in Italy product created with elegance and innovative ability.

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