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Effe.Bi thanks to its 2500 Lighting and Home Decor products is able to offer an extraordinary contribute to all those professionals working to the planning of residential homes, to the hotel sector and Contract. One of the main strong points of our team of artisans is the ability of transforming the original idea, the sketch or the initial project in products of high quality and taste.

For years we are cooperating with numerous architectural studios and designer from all over the world bringing to life to ideas and to the most original intuitions. In addition to Home decor products, we have realized many design structures for events or happenings, products that during their creative process cross the fine line that separates the handmade product from the contemporary artistic manufact.

Our internal showroom beside the workshop represents one of the latest examples of Florentine artisanal atelier where intuition, planning and especially the Florentine handmade quality are at the service of the most demanding professional.

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