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Home decor

Our company offers a broad range of Home Decor elements in wrought iron, in addition to one of the widest selections in the sector of Lighting products in wrought iron.

In particular dining and coffee tables, console tables and mirrors, chairs and sofas, bedheads in multiple shapes and dimensions. Naturally you can find even Coat hangers, basket, furniture and corner cupboards, offering to our clients a wide, unique and complete choice to furnish with taste any type of scene.

The great peculiarity that is offered by our company is the ability of combining a great production capacity to the creation of a single sample. The client or professional can see the birth of his dining table, mirror and anything else based on his desired aesthetic and formal criteria.

It is important to mention the original and simply decorative items like our wrought iron trees, made in many dimensions and shapes that are more and more used for interior and outdoor decor.

The final result is therefore a handmade product far from the industrial look of modern production, a customised product, personal as the atmosphere where it will be set.

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